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The premier at-home senior and family care provider. iCaria uses dedicated case managers and trusted community-based service providers for all your family needs!

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Care Giver

Find trusted and affordable at-home senior and family care givers and services offered in your own community.

Senior Care

Discover senior and skilled nursing facilities, services, and professionals that can help you care for your loved ones.

Home Care

Signup for indoor or outdoor home maintenance, cleaning, organizing, and renovation services.

Pet Care

Lookup accredited and friendly community-based service providers and programs for your life companion.

Health & Wellness

Explore directory of programs and services covering mind, body, spirit, fitness, and diet.

Retirement Planning

Secure your financial future by exploring accounting, investment, insurance and estate trusted service providers.

Digital Services

Book online services, enroll in virtual events, and join programs from comfort of your own home.

Style & Beauty

Enjoy make-up tips, wardrobe advice, hair styling, and nail grooming services from friendly providers near you.

Child Care

Get exceptional and trusted regular or on demand care for the little gems in your life.

Your happiness is our priority!

iCaria service providers are vetted, trained, and must pass periodic background checks. Your family peace of mind is our top priority!

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Look for the Certified Professional logo for the best possible iCaria experience.

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Book and manage your service appointments, attend events, join programs, and engage with your coaches. iCaria allows you to follow the latest trends while caring for your loved ones.

How it works?

iCaria is founded on the premise of providing the highest quality, personalized and trusted care to your loved ones. iCaria gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your family is everything!

  • Family Contact

    Family contact include family members that are involved in the care and well being of the elderly which can be the son, daughter, spouse or any other loving relative. They are the read more... main point of contact with the case manager to schedule the care plan for the elderly including the care giver selection as well as booking the specialized on-demand services. less

  • Seniors

    Seniors are at the center of the family care. They may be able to coordinate their own care and services directly with the case manager or delegate that responsibility to the read more... family contact. Supported seniors can be fully independent, semi-dependent, or fully dependent on others for their daily living. less

  • Case Manager

    iCaria case managers play a pivotal role in providing quality personalized care to seniors and families. They match care givers and service providers to families based on their needs and personality. Case managers also verify that all read more... service providers meet the stringent security checks requirements as well as expected highest standards demanded by families. less

  • Care Givers

    Friendly care givers are matched to seniors by family case managers to provide essential services spanning companionship, light house chores, accompany elderly to read more... appointments. Care givers also provide daily assessments of both the elderly as well living condition.They can be instructed to help with administering medications and measuring vitals to provide the family with peace of mind. less

  • Service Provider

    A multitude of other service providers may be scheduled on an as-needed basis to provide specialized services including lawn, home, and personal care that otherwise can’t be read more... provided by the care giver. This can also include bathing, house cleaning, pet care and other specialized professional services. less

  • Doctor

    Medical doctors, pharmacists, and other professional practitioners can be scheduled to provide telehealth calls, at-home visits as well as at-office appointments. Care givers read more... can play a key role in providing vitals measurements, administration of medication, as well as provide necessary support for the elderly during these visits. less

Want to earn income caring for seniors?

Become an iCaria Personal Care Giver to manage the care of elderlies in your community in need of a friend as well as help with home and personal care tasks. You design the services you can offer and get matching families funneled to you.

Need to improve communications and referrals?

Adopt iCaria for your family engagement and reduce the load on your staff while ensuring compliance with government regulations. Outsource mundane processes and focus on delivering care. Reduce costs, increase occupancy, and boost referrals.

Looking for a fulfilling gig in your community?

Become an iCaria Family Case Manager and manage the needs of families in your community. Assign care givers based on schedules and preferences. Handle monthly billing, service payments, and communications with families and service providers.

Are you a pet lover in need of income?

Become a certified iCaria Pets Care Giver and help families in your community by providing essential pet services on your own schedule. Services include pet grooming, feeding, sitting, and walking. Enjoy time with these lovely companions and earn side income.

Do you love caring for babies and children?

Signup as a certified iCaria Child Care Giver and earn side income on your own schedule while helping families in your community with their baby or special child care and sitting needs. Provide your services safely and securely.

Have a passion for teaching kids?

Signup to become an iCaria Children Tutor and help families enroll in a myriad of tutoring programs spanning coding, robotics, arts, music, math, and sciences to name a few. Grow your client base and earn supplemental income.

Want to generate income using your network?

Become an iCaria Sales Agent and manage your professional referrals to the iCaria platform. You will help your connections and friends benefit from the power of the the iCaria family services platform while generating reoccurring referral income.

What is iCaria?

iCaria is the premier digital services platform that leverages a community of service providers to address all family needs.

iCaria enables fast and easy discovery of services with flexible booking options. You can enroll in events or join exciting online or in-person programs.

iCaria boasts the world's largest directory of professional service providers, programs and organizations. With access to community feedback, you can finally have the peace of mind you so deserve as you organize the care of your loved ones.

iCaria promotes growth in your community by supporting local independent professional service providers to deliver quality services while simplifying the booking and payment experience.

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