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About us

iCaria was established in 2014 as iCaria Health with a mission to simplify health and wellness for the family. Our initial focus was to connect hospitals, nursing, rehab, pharmacies, and home health agencies to families, care givers as well as a multitude of other service providers.

In 2021, iCaria pivoted to become iCaria Living, the premier family platform for digital as well as in-person services spanning hospitality, health, wellness, wealth, personal care, home care, and many other services. Our mission is to become the trusted marketplace of family services worldwide while enabling everyone to become an independent certified family services provider.

iCaria is both HIPAA and GDPR-compliant web and mobile platform. All data access is consent-driven. We value the privacy and security of our families.

iCaria is a premier PointClickCare strategic partner with access to well over 20,000 skilled nursing and senior care facilities across North America. With iCaria you can

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